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How are the lots delivered?
The lots are delivered with all the points of household services: electricity with EPM, communications with UNE and a redundant point in case another supplier is desired, aqueduct (veredal), natural gas (with Alcanos de Colombia) and cytophony network. Additionally, they are delivered with esplanade and layout of access road, as well as natural boundaries.
Should or can lots have gates?

The lots may have a gate whose design is in the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs). However, owners are encouraged not to use it, as we are also building community (that secured by the main gate at the entrance). If any owner wishes to build their gate, it must be within their land at least 3 meters from the access, so that it is not seen within the landscaping of the development.

Why the price difference?

Although all lots are 2500 m2, the price depends on the topography of the land and the visuals and uniqueness of the lot.


How is the payment of the lots made?

An initial payment of 60% that is deferred for up to 18 months, of which 6% corresponds to the promise of sale.
A final payment of 40%, once the payment of the initial installment has been completed on a date agreed upon by both parties, upon signing the deed.
Payments are made by bank transfer to the company, referencing the project.

Can the payment of the initial fee be extended in time?

Payment proposals are evaluated; we understand that there are particular cases and depending on the proposed form of payment, it can be extended.


When can I have the ownership of the lot?

Lots are ready for delivery when the deed of sale is signed. In case the owner wishes to start construction sooner, the signing of the deed can be done before the scheduled dates.


How do you get to the site?

We are located in the Vereda Cascajo Abajo of the municipality of Marinilla; we are 5km from Rionegro, 6 km from Carmen de Viboral and 7 km from Marinilla. Millemonti is reached both by the Rionegro-El Carmen road, and by the Medellín-Bogotá road by Marinilla. By Rionegro we are 5 km from the La Macarena Golf Club, of which 2.1 km are on the Rionegro – El Carmen road and 2.8 km on a rural road from the entrance through Dulces de Colombia (point known as Novaentas) to the project. By Marinilla entering through Las Dalias (entrance known as La aguacatala), 7 km by rural route (of which approximately 60% is already paved).

Por Marinilla entrando por Las Dalias (entrada conocida como La aguacatala), 7 km por vía rural (de los cuales aproximadamente el 60% ya está pavimentado).

Click here to see Google Maps directions from Rionegro to Millemonti

Click here to see Google Maps directions from Marinilla to Millemonti


What is the administration value?

It is projected to be in the order of $400,000 per month per owner. It is considered within this value to the butler, the maintenance of common areas, public services, internet, maintenance security system, among others.

What makes Milllemonti a self-sustaining condo?

Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible, without being fully self-sustaining. The common areas (main gate, internal road lighting and club house) will work with solar energy and rain and gray water will be reused in the clubhouse and main gate. We will also collect rainwater. The aim is not to depend 100% on third parties for basic services and, on the contrary, to be self-generating thereof. Regarding the care of nature, our goal is to be in harmony with it by planting native trees that generate more life and keeping the fauna and flora wild.

What public services are delivered?

The services of: Electric energy is provided by EPM, internet communications with UNE and a redundant one in case another supplier is desired, natural gas with Alcanos de Colombia and aqueduct tap at the sidewalk. The wastewater service is managed with a treatment plant in the project and each lot must have a grease trap and septic tank, which must be connected to the main network of the project through a household water outlet.

Will the condo have a pool? Can you build pool on the lot?

The condo will not have a pool. Each owner if he wishes can build his pool.

Security: Will there be 24 hour security? What other type of security is there?

The projection of administrative expenses includes a butler. However, in Millemonti we use technology in our favor, so both pedestrian and vehicular entry will additionally have a card and / or entry with code through the cell phone. There will also be security cameras in strategic sites of the project, and the enclosure of the condominium will be in very dense bamboo plus poles with barbed wires (which will be covered by bamboo), as are the enclosures similar in the Llanogrande area. Therefore, we will have double enclosure, as well as porter and access by card.

Habrá adicionalmente cámaras de seguridad en sitios estratégicos del proyecto, y el cerramiento del condominio será en bambú muy tupido más postes con alambres de púas (los cuales estarán cubiertos por el bambú), tal como se encuentran los cerramientos de los lotes de la zona de Llanogrande. Por tanto, tendremos doble cerramiento, así como portería y acceso con tarjeta.


How is the payment for the construction of the house made?

The construction of the house is an independent issue of the purchase of the land. We build by the delegated administration system, which consists of us taking care of directing and ensuring the construction according to the Client's designs and guidelines, guaranteeing the quality of the house and for this management we charge a percentage of the direct costs (CD) of work (percentage that is between 10 and 12% of CD). Therefore, the owner pays directly to suppliers and labor, all according to work progress.

What is the maximum construction area?

According to the local codes and our license, the maximum occupancy area is 30% of the lot area (includes all buildings, parking, road, etc.).

What is the price of the houses?

Since the home does not have a typical design and is personalized, a fixed price cannot be given, as it depends on many factors. However, we can say that a minimum price per m2 starts at 2.3 million pesos (with a deviation margin of +- 15%.

What is the construction company?

The management and promotion of the project is in charge of Capella Proyectos SAS, a company whose partners have a vast experience, of more than 25 years in execution and management of engineering and construction projects.

Are there any façade restrictions?

Yes there are. Attached are part of the horizontal property regulations, where the design restrictions are found:

 12.5 Architectural Design Parameters

The designs of the houses will be framed within a contemporary typology, with simple volumes and neutral finishes, obtaining a country architecture that harmonizes with the place and does not generate strong contrasts with the natural environment.

Likewise, the use of green technology is supported and encouraged as part of the architectural design, using green roofs, solar panels and the collection and use of rainwater.

The designs will be the result of an analysis of the natural and built environment adjusting to the standards described below:

12.5.1. Heights

The maximum height of the constructions will be two stories, or one floor with a loft. The maximum free height is 3.00 meters (9.84 ft).

Taking into account the general topography, to avoid large cuts of land or major fillings, the houses should take advantage of the inclination by staggering the different environments by means of levels.

12.5.2 Volumetry

The use of primary volumes is proposed with an emphasis on flat roofs, keeping the buildings low and with less visual impact. Pitched roofs and vaults are allowed, as long as they do not protrude from the volume of the house. The main objective is to preserve the visuals of the neighboring properties, ensuring the least visual impact on the construction.

12.5.3. Materials Covers

On flat roofs, an exterior floor finish should be used over the waterproofing, such as gravel, precast concrete, porcelain floors and / or green roofs. Exposed, uncoated bitumen and / or aluminum finishes are not allowed. On pitched roofs, vitrified or enameled clays, or strong colored finishes, are not allowed.

The use of solar panels is promoted and recommended, so their location must be foreseen in the design to avoid reflections in neighboring lots. Walls

Looking for the architectural harmony of the whole, the color palette is restricted to those that do not stand out from the natural environment, the use of colors such as willow green, ocher and earth tones is proposed. The use of strong or bright colors is not allowed. If white is used, it should not be 100%, and within the range of off-white tones. All colors must be approved by the board of directors. The paint will be applied on pañete, and the use of plastic-based finishes such as graniplast or marmolplast, fiber cement, marble, exposed brick and unfinished materials such as blocks is not allowed. The use of stone on the facades is allowed and recommended.

The use of stone on the facades is allowed and recommended. Doors and windows

It is recommended that the doors and windows are preferably in wood, aluminum or pvc in black, anoloc or imitation wood. The use of wood with mahogany, walnut or fir tones is recommended.

The glass used must be colorless and non-reflective. The use of mirrored glass is not allowed. In case of UV control films, they must be colorless and non-reflective.

What kind of construction is allowed?

Traditional construction. It can be concrete or metallic, but it must be traditional. Prefabricated houses, containers or any type of construction that may affect the valuation of the project over time are not allowed.

Can you build a two-story house? Up to how many floors can be built?

Maximum 2 stories high and maximum floor height is 3 meters (6 meters in total).

What is the property tax to pay?

In Marinilla the tax that is paid is around 0.5% of the property's value.

What restrictions are there on animals?

You can only have domestic pets at home, such as dogs and cats. You may not have cows, horses, pigs, chickens or any animal that requires the use of large areas for a dignified life.

Do you have a Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)?

Yes, there are Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (RPH’s), where all the rules of coexistence and rights and obligations of the co-owners are. Annex to this, is the building regulations, where all the design guidelines that must be taken into account are found.


My bank does not lend for lots. How can I not get two different loans, but a single loan for the purchase of lot + house?

Since it is a banking issue, we could not give an exact answer to this question. However, the answer they give us from the banks is that you can take out a loan for housing construction and in this you can include the value of the lot. Deliveries of the bank's money are made according to the needs of the buyer.

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