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Security: Will there be 24 hour security? What other type of security is there?

The projection of administrative expenses includes a butler. However, in Millemonti we use technology in our favor, so both pedestrian and vehicular entry will additionally have a card and / or entry with code through the cell phone. There will also be security cameras in strategic sites of the project, and the enclosure of the condominium will be in very dense bamboo plus poles with barbed wires (which will be covered by bamboo), as are the enclosures similar in the Llanogrande area. Therefore, we will have double enclosure, as well as porter and access by card.

Habrá adicionalmente cámaras de seguridad en sitios estratégicos del proyecto, y el cerramiento del condominio será en bambú muy tupido más postes con alambres de púas (los cuales estarán cubiertos por el bambú), tal como se encuentran los cerramientos de los lotes de la zona de Llanogrande. Por tanto, tendremos doble cerramiento, así como portería y acceso con tarjeta.

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