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Are there any façade restrictions?

Yes there are. Attached are part of the horizontal property regulations, where the design restrictions are found:

 12.5 Architectural Design Parameters

The designs of the houses will be framed within a contemporary typology, with simple volumes and neutral finishes, obtaining a country architecture that harmonizes with the place and does not generate strong contrasts with the natural environment.

Likewise, the use of green technology is supported and encouraged as part of the architectural design, using green roofs, solar panels and the collection and use of rainwater.

The designs will be the result of an analysis of the natural and built environment adjusting to the standards described below:

12.5.1. Heights

The maximum height of the constructions will be two stories, or one floor with a loft. The maximum free height is 3.00 meters (9.84 ft).

Taking into account the general topography, to avoid large cuts of land or major fillings, the houses should take advantage of the inclination by staggering the different environments by means of levels.

12.5.2 Volumetry

The use of primary volumes is proposed with an emphasis on flat roofs, keeping the buildings low and with less visual impact. Pitched roofs and vaults are allowed, as long as they do not protrude from the volume of the house. The main objective is to preserve the visuals of the neighboring properties, ensuring the least visual impact on the construction.

12.5.3. Materials Covers

On flat roofs, an exterior floor finish should be used over the waterproofing, such as gravel, precast concrete, porcelain floors and / or green roofs. Exposed, uncoated bitumen and / or aluminum finishes are not allowed. On pitched roofs, vitrified or enameled clays, or strong colored finishes, are not allowed.

The use of solar panels is promoted and recommended, so their location must be foreseen in the design to avoid reflections in neighboring lots. Walls

Looking for the architectural harmony of the whole, the color palette is restricted to those that do not stand out from the natural environment, the use of colors such as willow green, ocher and earth tones is proposed. The use of strong or bright colors is not allowed. If white is used, it should not be 100%, and within the range of off-white tones. All colors must be approved by the board of directors. The paint will be applied on pañete, and the use of plastic-based finishes such as graniplast or marmolplast, fiber cement, marble, exposed brick and unfinished materials such as blocks is not allowed. The use of stone on the facades is allowed and recommended.

The use of stone on the facades is allowed and recommended. Doors and windows

It is recommended that the doors and windows are preferably in wood, aluminum or pvc in black, anoloc or imitation wood. The use of wood with mahogany, walnut or fir tones is recommended.

The glass used must be colorless and non-reflective. The use of mirrored glass is not allowed. In case of UV control films, they must be colorless and non-reflective.

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