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We are located in the Vereda Cascajo Abajo of the municipality of Marinilla; we are 5km from Rionegro, 6 km from Carmen de Viboral and 7 km from Marinilla. Millemonti is reached both by the Rionegro-El Carmen road, and by the Medellín-Bogotá road by Marinilla. By Rionegro we are 5 km from the La Macarena Golf Club, of which 2.1 km are on the Rionegro – El Carmen road and 2.8 km on a rural road from the entrance through Dulces de Colombia (point known as Novaentas) to the project. By Marinilla entering through Las Dalias (entrance known as La aguacatala), 7 km by rural route (of which approximately 60% is already paved).

Por Marinilla entrando por Las Dalias (entrada conocida como La aguacatala), 7 km por vía rural (de los cuales aproximadamente el 60% ya está pavimentado).

Click here to see Google Maps directions from Rionegro to Millemonti

Click here to see Google Maps directions from Marinilla to Millemonti

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